Sneakerhead - Blue Ice

Sneakerhead - Blue Ice

Sneakerhead - Blue Ice

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Our take on that icy cool, blue raspberry flavor that brings you back to those ice pops your mom would pull out of the freezer for you. Get this one before it melts!

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Blue Ice

No matter how dope the new stuff is, the classics are still classics. And what’s more old school or more legendary than a pair of Carolina Blue, stone cold killer, Be-Like-Mike 11’s?! That’s why we went old school with our Blue Ice – it’s that high lift on the fadeaway, that follow through on the shot, nothing but net blueberry popsicle, as sweet and summery blue as old Carolina itself. It’s fresh on the inhale, sweet on the exhale, with a finish like a 23 foot jumper!

Sneakerhead Blue Ice by Glas
Glas Sneakerhead Blue 11 E-Lquid Bottle

Inspiration from the Chef

Growing up as a kid I would always play basketball at the local park. After spilling my blood, sweat and tears on the pavement, I would cool off with a blue raspberry ice rocket pop. This flavor was inspired by those hot summer days under the shade of oak trees, dreaming of Jordan’s and jumping at the sound of the ice cream truck rolling down the street.

Sean Glas

Why Glas?

Redefining Premium

From our certified ISO and GMP certified facility to our Glas-exclusive, custom molded bottles, our relentless pursuit of perfection ensures an exhilarating experience of complex, layered flavor.

Sneakerhead Blue 11 E-Liquid Bottle by Glas
  • Responsible Manufacturing

    Manufactured in ISO & GMP Certified Facility
    24 Hour Video Surveillance of Mixing & MFG Areas
    Full Traceability, Transparency & Documentation
    Child-Proof Caps & Tamper Evident Seals

  • High Quality Materials & Ingredients

    REACH Compliant PG/VG & Nicotine
    Nicotine Consistency testing
    Flavor Consistency testing

  • Passion for Excellence

    Incredible Customer Service
    Award Winning Flavors!

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