Milk 100ml Crystal Bottle

Milk 100ml Crystal Bottle

Milk 100ml Crystal Bottle

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Our take on strawberry milk is a smooth and complex blend of strawberries and sweet cream. Taste something refreshing and delicious!

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Glas Milk 100ml Crystal Bottle E-Liquid
Glas Milk 100ml Crystal Bottle E-Juice Glas Milk 100ml Crystal Bottle E-Liquid

Glas Experience

The Art Of Flavor


A velvety blend of spring-sweet strawberries and silky, fresh cream
– A nostalgic treat in a glass.

  • Sweet
  • Strawberries
  • Condensed Milk
  • Caramel
  • Madagascar Vanilla
  • Fresh
  • Cream
  • Raspberries

Vg / Pg

70% / 30%


Sweet strawberries and fresh cream with hints of Madagascar vanilla.


Creamy Madagascar vanilla, condensed milk, and sweet strawberries


Fresh cream and berries


Full with hints of caramel & fresh berries

The Inspiration

Bring the Flavors to Life

It’s late in the evening, the workday is done. Before the pace and excitement, the bright lights of a Friday night kick off, you’re enjoying the moment alone. It’s a decadent treat to yourself, something simple, a reward for surviving the grind. Fresh strawberries, thick cream, your creation lies somewhere between a milkshake, dessert, and sheer ecstasy. Milk, by Glas, captures that mood, that reward, that taste, perfectly, encapsulating everything good in a clean, simple, and extraordinary vape.

“Making something like a milk flavor might seem pretty straightforward, after all, a lot of people have tried. But it’s not. All of the milk flavors I’ve tasted were too simple, they had none of the complexity and rounded experience of real cream, and didn’t have that bright fruity high-note like you get with fresh tangy strawberries. For MILK, I wanted real cream, that tasted like those fresh strawberries had been macerating in there for days. I wanted a natural vanilla sweetness, and an authentic fresh berry finish. I hope you enjoy it.”

As part of a Glas family tradition, we would like to extend our family to yours.

Sean Glas

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Why Glas?

Redefining Premium

From our certified ISO and GMP certified facility to our Glas-exclusive, custom molded bottles, our relentless pursuit of perfection ensures an exhilarating experience of complex, layered flavor.

Glas Milk E-Liquid Bottle
  • Responsible Manufacturing

    Manufactured in ISO & GMP Certified Facility
    24 Hour Video Surveillance of Mixing & MFG Areas
    Full Traceability, Transparency & Documentation
    Child-Proof Caps & Tamper Evident Seals

  • High Quality Materials & Ingredients

    REACH Compliant PG/VG & Nicotine
    Nicotine Consistency testing
    Flavor Consistency testing

  • Passion for Excellence

    Incredible Customer Service
    Award Winning Flavors!

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