About Glas



Innovation is our mindset. It transpires throughout the organization and is the foundation of our shared belief – that we can always do better.


We are a passionate family-oriented company. Our employees, customers and vendor partners are our most important assets.


We always conduct ourselves with unquestionable integrity and treat people with respect. This is the essence of our success and those we partner with.

How it started

In 2014 Glas was founded by Sean Glas in Los Angeles California. Born from a passion to create the finest products possible, regardless of trouble or cost, while deploying craftsmanship and technology in a way that had never been achieved before. We started with the ethos of perfect simplicity. The passion was to create the finest device & products possible. Committed to quality and craftsmanship, It took over 2 years of research with the expertise of aerospace manufacturers, watchmakers, and artisans who could attend to the smallest detail of making. As form began to take shape, the first device was produced and the Glas brand was born.

Continued Innovation

After six months of selling out devices worldwide, we took that same drive for excellence and crafted an e-liquid worthy of wearing the Glas name. From the design of the industry’s first custom-molded bottle to the development of flavors with extraordinary boldness and nuance. Glas E-Liquids possess great elegance, with wonderful persistence on the finish, crafted through careful complexity and uncompromising perfection.


With the goal of more accesible E-liquid to the masses, we set off to create the BSX Series. We created these timeless flavors to meet the everday flavor profiles for all vapers alike. While the packaging feels more approachable you can be assured no shortcuts were taken. From the custom bottles and boxes to the complexity of flavor creation that offers the best flavor profiles, you can taste the care and love put into every puff. The Sean Glas signature on every bottle is a subltle reminder that with Glas you can trust you’re receiving high-quality ingredients and premium flavors.


The Glas Device & Pod system was designed with the goal of creating the first super-premium closed pod system device that centered around material, performance, and innovation. As passionate anti-smokers and users of the product, we saw a hole in the device & pod system market that could only be filled by someone with both device and liquid expertise, someone who understood the complex nuances how liquid and technology pair together to create the perfect experience. Learn more at Glas.com



From our certified clean rooms to our Glas-exclusive, crystal bottles, our relentless pursuit of perfection ensures an exhilarating experience of complex, layered flavor. Insightful execution of intelligent design excites the senses in an unfailing promise—our promise—of simple luxury.


Excellence is not our goal, it's our defining trait, forming the foundation of our identity and guiding the mission of our craft. At Glas, passion is not an intangible feeling—but a calling that pushes us day after day to break boundaries, challenge reality, and evolve. Discover a new class of e-liquid.


Flavor is meant to be experienced in layers—piquant, sweet, bright—all notes in a grand piece to be enjoyed measure by measure. Crafting flavor requires discipline and creativity. In swift crescendo and gentle dolcissimo, our flavors express more than a profile. They express art—our art: The Art of Flavor.

Redefining Premium

From our certified ISO and GMP certified facility to our Glas-exclusive, custom molded bottles, our relentless pursuit of perfection ensures an exhilarating experience of complex, layered flavor.

Responsible Manufacturing

• Manufactured in ISO & GMP Certified Facility
• 24 Hour Surveillance of Mixing & MFG Areas
• Full Traceability, Transparency & Documentation
• Child-Proof Caps & Tamper Evident Seals

High quality materials & Ingredients

• REACH Compliant PG/VG & Nicotine
• Nicotine Consistency testing
• Flavor Consistency testing

Passion for Excellence

• Incredible Customer Service
• Award Winning Flavors
•Innovative Product Development

Commitment to our Customers

Committed to quality with a focus on excellence, the Glas experience extends beyond the individual product, with a concierge experience focused on making every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better each and every day… that is what Glas is all about.

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